With over 20 years of experience in our business, we serve all of our customers looking for home improvement.

We place great emphasis on working only with the best professionals and the highest quality materials.

Our creed is satisfied customer.

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Why choose us to renovate your apartment?

• Because we give a 100% guarantee on all the work we do
• With over 20 years of experience behind us, with a solid knowledge of materials and the best purchasing sources, and a customer-centric approach, we do our best to make You one of our satisfied customers.
• Because we also procure the material entirely, unless the customer wishes to purchase it himself.
• We have many years of experience in assisting our customer to make their own purchases.


Our profile

• home improvement, house renovation
• flat apartment renovation
• bathroom renovation
• interior design
• water, gas, heating repairs
• painting, wallpapering
• coating
• plasterboarding
• house building
• electrical installation
• thermal insulation
• tinsmith, carpentry, roofing works
• masonry work



Price list

Frequently Asked Net Prices for Home Renovation Jobs:

removal of tiles 1.050,-Ft/
laying laminate flooring with trimming
strip parquet laying 3.500,-Ft/
removal of traditional parquet 1.950,-Ft/
parquet laying, sanding, varnishing with material 4.800,-Ft/
laying linoleum 1.940,-Ft/
dispersion white painting, two coats 1.800,-Ft/
dispersion color painting, two coats 1.800,-Ft/
finishing, sanding, scraping, 2x rolling 2.950,-Ft/
wallpapering with printed paper wallpaper 2.300,-Ft/
wallpapering with sawdust wallpaper 2.300,-Ft/
decoration of windows and doors 5.000,-Ft/
repair of windows and doors 7.000,-Ft/
water installation per consumer 29.000,-Ft/pc
construction of an electric network with material, etched into the wall, with fittings 9.800,-Ft/
fbathtub installation with Ytong masonry 35.000,-Ft/pc
building a partition made of Ytong elements 2.550,-Ft/
sidewall plastering 1.5 cm thick 1.850,-Ft/
plasterboard coverings, blankets 3.250,-Ft/
hidden lighting wall-ceiling stucco 3.300,-Ft/m




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Office: 1161 Budapest
Mobile: +36-20-362 4241

E-mail address: info@lakasfelujitas.hu

Ask for our personalized offers!

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